Snow Removal

"Windrows" or "Berms"

Many misconceptions exist concerning snow removal, and they vary depending on which side of the “windrow” you are on after the road is plowed! First, plowing without leaving a windrow (berm) is impossible. If the operator were to back up at each driveway and remove the berm, many people would not get their road plowed in a timely manner. Berms can’t be left in the middle of the street due to mobility and safety concerns. To protect the surface of the road, and to make room for snow from future storms, the snowplow operator must pile the snow as far off the shoulder as possible.

Individuals are responsible for removing the windrow/berm from mailboxes, residential driveways, and business entrances. Please do not shovel the snow back into the street!

Courtesy Snow Berm Removal

For those who are medically unable to remove the berm from their driveways, and unable to hire a private company to do so, the Town offers courtesy snow berm removals (as time permits).

Town Snow Removal Philosophy

Understanding the snow removal philosophy adopted by the Town may be helpful. The schedule is prioritized on a “greatest impact” basis. The streets are plowed in the following order:

  1. Arterial streets
  2. School bus routes
  3. Major collectors
  4. Minor collectors
  5. Residential streets
  6. All remaining streets

Sometimes, because of heavy snowfall, we have to stay on the arterial streets longer than we would like because they are the top priority. This allows some mobility within the community and keeps emergency service access as open as possible. Once these routes are accessible, side streets and cul-de-sacs are plowed. Private roads and roads not located within the maintenance system are the responsibility of the homeowners. They are encouraged to call private snow removal companies.

Who Is Responsible for Plowing My Street?

The Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) is responsible for snow removal along the entire length of Highway 260, including the area within the Town limits. The Town of Pinetop-Lakeside is responsible for plowing the other public roads within the Town limits. Navajo County is responsible for plowing all roads outside the incorporated Town limits, except for the roads that are under the maintenance jurisdiction of the State. If you aren’t sure whether or not your street is within the Town limits, please call us at 928-368-8885 and ask! Or, if you already know that you live outside the limits, you can contact the Navajo County Road Yard at 928-532-6080.

Keep Streets Clear

To speed up snow removal and to help prevent damage, all parked motor vehicles should be kept clear of the streets. Any motor vehicle parked in a way that presents an obstacle to efficient snow removal operations may be towed away and stored at the owner’s expense (Town Ordinance 14-408). So, please keep your vehicle off the roadway during and after snowstorms.

Please, help us with our snow removal efforts. It’s appreciated!